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City of Las Vegas Jail Inmate Search

City of Las Vegas Jail
City of Las Vegas Jail - Bail Window

City of Las Vegas Jail Inmate Search


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Call 702-608-2245 for City of Las Vegas Jail Inmate Search. We can find someone in any of the Las Vegas jails and also can put you on our inmate watch list so that if the person you are looking for is finally in the system we will contact you.  You can utilize this search to find a current inmate that has completed the booking in process.  The booking process can take up to four hours and the inmate will not show in the search results until this is completed.  The fastest way to search for any inmate is to call 702-608-2245.  Our friendly staff will find your friend or loved one and be able to provide you with:

  • Bail information:  What it cost to get them out of jail now.
  • Charges:  What crime are they accused of.
  • Next court date:  When they will see the judge.

The inmate could be in one of the two jails in Las Vegas:

The largest Jail in Las Vegas is the Clark County Detention Center

This is the biggest Jail and is located on 330 South Casino Center in downtown Las Vegas.  The large buildings and imposing towers span over an entire city block right behind the Golden Nugget Casino.  The main lobby is open 24 hours for inquiry but the bond posting window is closed every day from midnight until 8 in the morning.  If you want to get someone out of jail and post bail at this facility it has to be done before midnight or after 8 in the morning.  You can search for an inmate at the CCDC Jail here.  Please note that the booking in process can take up to four hours and the inmate will not show in their system until this process is completed.  If you need to find an inmate in this jail right now please call 702-608-2245 and our friendly staff will find them and be able to provide bail information, charges and next court date.

The second largest facility is the City of Las Vegas Jail

The City Jail as it often is referred to is located at 3300 Stewart Avenue in between Mojave and Pecos.  When you are driving on the 95 Freeway and you are heading towards east Las Vegas you can see this detention facility backed up against the Freeway.  You cannot miss this compound which is surrounded by large barb-wired fences and tall walls.  The bail window at the Las Vegas Jail is facing Stewart Street and is open for inquiry 24 hours per day.  There is plenty of parking right on Stewart Street in front of the Jail bail window.  Here you can find out if your friend or loved one was arrested, what their charges and bail amounts are as well as next court dates.  You can utilize this search tool to find an inmate fast by typing their first two to three letters in the “Last Name” bar above.  Please note that the inmate might not show if they are not booked in yet.  The booking in process can take up to four hours and once completed the inmate will show.  The other option is to call 702-608-2245 right now and a friendly operator can find the inmate in any Jail with their charges, bail information as well as next court date.

How to get out of a Las Vegas Jail

You finally located your friend or family in a Jail in Las Vegas and don’t know what to do next.  Almost all inmates want to get out of Jail as fast as possible and the following options will help you in making a decision.

Pay the full bail

This is usually the least used and most expensive option since it requires you to go to the jail and pay the full amount of the bail.  The full amount of the bail is usually in the thousands or even tens-of-thousands of dollars.  Most people do not have that kind of money on hand to get someone out of jail right now.  Therefore the best option is to pay a fraction of the bail and save the rest of the money to hire an attorney.

Pay a fraction of the bail

This is the fastest way to get out of a Vegas Jail now.  You would hire a licensed and accredited bail bond company such as eBAIL where you have only to pay 15% of the full bail amount to get someone out of jail.  If you do not have the 15% eBAIL can even provide you with easy financing.  Call 702-608-2245 for your options and our friendly staff will immediately start the bail bond process for you.  This process usually takes 15-30 minutes where the bail bond is actually posted at the Jail.  Once the bond in posted at the jail the release process has started.

eBAIL to get out of Jail

Hiring a reputable company such as eBAIL is your best option.  The bail out of jail process can be started ONLINE in 3 minutes or less or also by calling 702-608-2245.  We are fully licensed by the NV Department of Insurance and Better Business Bureau and authorized to post bail to get inmates out of any Las Vegas Jail.  For your bail bond needs to get someone out of Jail don’t just gamble on any run down looking bail company in a scary part of town.  eBAIL has nice offices at 3100 E. Charleston Suite 108 and our friendly, professional staff is available 24 hours per day.  You will be happy in choosing eBAIL to get your friend or loved one out of Jail, guaranteed!

Jail release times

The release times on both jails range from 6 hours to 16 hours and sometimes even more depending if the jails are busy or are experiencing a lock down etc.  For security reasons nobody at the detention facilities will be able to give you an exact release time.  The best thing to do is to wait until you receive the inmates phone call.  For specific answers to your questions please call our friendly staff 24 hours a day at 702-608-2245.

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