City of Henderson Inmate Search

The City of Henderson Detention Center is located in a suburb of Las Vegas, and is has the lowest inmate capacity of an area prison. People searching for an inmate that is currently serving time in the City of Henderson Detention Center can use eBAIL’s helpful search tool to find crucial information about a specific prisoner. There are a few options that can assist in a search, one being the on-line tool, the other being eBAIL’s 24-hour customer service line.

Using the Inmate Search Tool

eBAIL has done all the work so someone using their inmate search tool for prisoners in the City of Henderson Detention Center doesn’t have to. For users with available Internet access, they can use this option to find useful information that is not only assists other agencies, but serves the public as well. For those that aren’t as Internet savvy or don’t have access, eBAIL has that covered as well, providing a hot line that is open for use all hours of the day and night, every day of the week and on weekends.

Searching by Last Name

The most common way to search for an inmate serving in the City of Henderson Detention Center, is by using the inmate’s last name. Users can start by typing in the the first two letters of the inmate’s last name, and look through all the available records until the desired inmate is located. Once the specific prisoner’s name if found, the user can click on the name and all available information regarding that prisoner will be displayed for the user’s review. One thing to remember, is that prisoner’s currently in the City of Henderson Detention Center will be returned as a result. Former prisoners and prisoners located at other facilities will not be listed on the City of Henderson site. Also as a reminder, prisoner’s information will only show up as a return result once the prisoner has been completely booked in the City of Henderson Detention Center. If the in-processing and booking is still occurring, the prisoner will not show up in the system.

Searching Over the Phone

Someone looking for information on an inmate might not be at or near a computer with Internet access, and still needs to find out what is going on with a prisoner they know, eBAIL has that covered as well. Their inmate search line can be used with any non-rotary telephone. The telephone number for eBAIL’s City of Henderson Detention Center assistance line is 702-462-9200. The information that the professional agents at eBAIL can provide over the phone is exactly the same as what can be found using the on-line system. The information that can be shared includes: court dates and times, charges against the prisoner, bail amounts, and scheduled release dates.

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