City of Las Vegas Jail Inmate Search

The City of Las Vegas Jail has an instrument that the public and fellow area law enforcement agencies can use to find information about prisoners that are currently serving time in the prison. This instrument is a search tool that can allow for the entering of multiple pieces of inmate information to ascertain the desired results. Note, the information is only available for prisoners currently in the City of Las Vegas Jail, and does not cover former prisoners in the system.

Search for an Inmate by Last Name

The most efficient way of obtaining information using the inmate search tool for prisoner’s of the City of Las Vegas Jail is by knowing the inmate’s last name. Even if spelling is an issue, by entering two letters at the beginning of the last name, a wide set of search results will be made available. Enter a few more, and the results are narrowed further from the original return results. By entering the exact spelling and the full last name of the inmate, the user will see listed all inmates that share the same last name, and the user can then select the specific prisoner within the City of Las Vegas Jail system which whom they are looking for information. This is only the first of several options to look for information regarding a prisoner.

Search for an Inmate by First Name

If the last name of the prisoner serving time in the City of Las Vegas Jail is unknown, or the spelling of the prisoner’s name cannot be acquired, the next way to look for an inmate of the City of Las Vegas Jail is by searching using the prisoner’s first name. Just as in the process of searching using the last name, a user can start their search by entering the first couple of letters of the prisoner’s first name. By entering more letters, the return on the search will become more specific. Be sure that when entering the first name, that the legal first name of the prisoner is entered rather than a nickname or alias. If neither the last nor first name of the prisoner being researched is not available, the user has one additional option-the City of Las Vegas Jail prisoner’s identification number.

Search for an Inmate with an Inmate ID

A final option to use to look for prisoner information if the name is not available, is the City of Las Vegas Jail id number. Just like with the first and last names, the user can enter as little as two digits of the number, all the way through the full and complete number. Prisoner information that can be found using the tool includes bail and bond amounts, court hearings, and release information.

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