City of North Las Vegas Jail Inmate Search

All arrestees that are picked up for various offenses in the City of North Las Vegas are now transported, booked, processed, and housed in the City of Las Vegas Detention Center as of mid year, 2012. eBAIL can still help individuals locate and find information about a friend or a loved one who might have been picked up in the City of North Las Vegas, and is now serving their time in downtown Las Vegas. eBAIL has an inmate search tool using on-line access to locate all publicly released information about inmates in the city jail whether they came from Las Vegas or the City of North Las Vegas.

Using the Inmate Search Tool

eBAIL’s on-line database assists citizens who are looking to find the latest, most updated information possible about any inmate from the City of North Las Vegas that is being housed in the city jail. By knowing the last name of the inmate, one can find out everything they need to know about the status of the person they are searching for. eBAIL’s second option, is by calling the friendly, knowledgeable staff of eBAIL directly. They can assist users in locating information regarding prisoners located in the city jail that have been were arrested and transferred from the City of North Las Vegas.

Search by Last Name

Using eBAIL’s on-line search tool, users of the system can access inmate information by search by an inmate’s last name. Listing the full and complete last name will provide the most accurate results returned, and this state of the art system can return results with as little as two letters of the last name. More time will be required to search through records with an incomplete last name, but results can be accessed nonetheless. All prisoners that were arrested in the City of North Las Vegas and are being held in the city jail will appear in this system as long as they have been completely booked and processed into the facility.

Searching Over the Phone

If a user isn’t able to get to a computer, but still needs access to inmate information, eBAIL provides the ability to gain information about all City of North Las Vegas prisoners that are held in the city jail by using the telephone. The line eBAIL provides, is open non-stop throughout, every day of the week including the weekend. Staff members are more than happy to assist callers in finding out when court dates are scheduled for, how much bail or bond has been set at, what formal charges a prisoner is facing, and when a prisoner from the City of North Las Vegas is scheduled to be released. eBAIL’s information telephone number is 702-462-9200. These services are provided free of charge as a courtesy from eBAIL.

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