Clark County Jail Inmate Search

Clark County Jail Inmate Search
Clark County Jail Inmate Search

The largest holding facility in the region, the Clark County Jail is located in the heart of Las Vegas. Unlike the city jail, the Clark County Jail is home to the most seriously charged criminals within the city. eBAIL hosts a database that can be used by individuals to find current, updated inmate information. eBAIL also provides for those who don’t have a computer, an assistance line that can be called during the day or night, with friendly staff standing at the ready to help callers find out the information they are looking for when it comes to inmates of the Clark County Jail.

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Search by Last Name

The best and fastest way to find information about an inmate, users may be searching for, is by simply entering the inmate’s last name. Prisoners at the Clark County Jail have all of their information available for viewing by the public and can easily be found on eBAIL’s inmate search tool. Anyone can type in the last name either in full or just a portion of the last name, and view returned results on every prisoner with that last name or a portion of the last name who might currently be serving time in the Clark County Jail. If a name is unknown, and a user is searching for someone specific, there are other options that eBAIL provides to assist in finding important information about inmates of the Clark County Jail.

Search by ID Number

The Clark County Jail assigns each inmate an individualized identification number for tracking and records purposes. eBAIL’s inmate search tool also allows users to find information about prisoners if a name is not known by entering the id number of the inmate. Entering as little as two digits of the prisoner’s id number will return results for Clark County Jail inmates. Just as when searching by the last name, the more numbers someone enters into the tool’s window, the more likely the user is to find the prisoner they are looking for without having to spend large amounts of time skimming through multiple records.

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Search by Case Number

A third option that is targeted more for use within the legal field but is also available for public use, is being able to search using a prisoner’s case number. Just as when using the prisoner’s id number, a portion or all of the case number will provide access to prisoner information within the database.

Search by Phone

eBAIL provides an easy access assistance line to provide information about all prisoners of the Clark County Jail. The telephone number is a local Las Vegas number, which can be called at any time during the night or day and will be answered by the knowledgeable staff of eBAIL at 702-608-2245.

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